How to Sell Your Detroit Portfolio to a Real Estate Investment Fund

Funds Are Equipped to Buy 1 or 100+ Properties Quickly

Inflation is quickly going up and the cost of holding rental properties may be increasing.

If you’re looking to sell or thinking about how to sell all of your rental properties, we have an excellent solution.

We are currently working with a few mid-sized real estate investment funds that purchase single properties or entire portfolios.


  1. Price them right
    Zillow isn’t equipped to give you accurate
    rental property values.  Zillow compares retail
    properties to fixer uppers to rentals.
  2. Consider a discount for a bulk sale
    Purchasing all of your properties at once may
    be a good reason to give a discount. One sale
    saves a ton of money and time.
  3. Realize taxes will increase
    Remember that once you sell, the higher price
    will likely cause a higher assessed value and
    higher property taxes.

Here’s what we can do:

Purchasing criteria:

  • 3+ bed brick (frame ok for suburban)
  • Suburbs or Detroit
  • up to $60k (more for nicer areas or suburban)
  • Warranty deed or qcd
  • Rented or rent-ready (no rehabs at this time)

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Why work with us?

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And hey, we’re awesome! (despite our abuse of exclamation points)

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