Anatomy of A Great Detroit Real Estate Investment Deal

Anatomy of A Great Detroit Real Estate Investment Deal Sometimes Detroit real estate investors just need to see the numbers to know that the types of investment properties they’re seeking are really out there. Here’s an excellent example of an affordable, large rental property that needed just a bit of work to make it ready … Continued

The Top 3 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

Featured article by Guest Columnist Sterling White   In this post, I’m going to discuss three common mistakes real estate investors make. These are just dumb—for lack of a better word. Hopefully, by calling your attention to the missteps of others, you can avoid these errors. Here goes. Not treating landlording as a business. Yes, … Continued

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Detroit Market

The Best and Most Profitable U.S. Real Estate Investments are in the City of Detroit Detroit?! Yes, Detroit! Background Once one of the greatest cities in the world, Detroit was the birthplace of the American car industry and the mega-successful sounds of Motown. Detroit was responsible for creating the American middle class and provided the … Continued