5 Signs of A Great Investment Property In Detroit

You have your legal and financial ducks in a row to invest capital in property, but what should you buy? You also need to assess what type of owner you plan to be. Will this be your new residence? Will you purchase, renovate and flip it? Or are you planning to be a landlord? There … Continued

5 Steps To Buying Rental Properties In Detroit

Considering buying rental properties in Detroit? Here are the basic steps: Step 1. Why Rental Properties Before buying rental properties in Detroit, Michigan, ask yourself: what is my goal with the property? Will I be renovating and reselling the property? Will I hold the property long term and collect rental income? Will I live in … Continued

How To Give Investment Real Estate As A Gift In Detroit

The gift of investment real estate is life-changing. It might be your son or daughter’s opportunity to retire early or build a great college fund for their own children. As of 2019, the IRS Gift and Estate Tax Exemption Amount states that any one person can gift another person up to $15,000 tax-free. Also, you … Continued

5 Steps To Buying Vacant Land In Detroit

Considering buying vacant land in Detroit? Here are the steps to follow: Step 1. Why Land Before buying vacant land in Detroit, Michigan, ask yourself: what is my goal with land? Will I be reselling the land after my purchase? Am I looking to build on this land? If so, what am I going to … Continued

To Rehab or Not to Rehab? THAT is the Question

To Rehab or Not to Rehab? THAT is the Question   Many investors start investing in the Detroit real estate market with this idea in mind:   Buy a property in need of repair Fix it up Put a tenant in it and collect rental income   On the surface, it seems like a sound … Continued

5 Things You Need To Buy A Detroit House In Cash

Do you know what you need to successfully buy a house in cash in Detroit? In this post, we will give you a list of everything you need to know so you can purchase a house outright, without wasting time or money on the transaction!  Have you ever thought about buying a house in cash … Continued

4 Perks Of Buying Your House Directly In Detroit

Buying your house directly in Detroit can save you a ton of time and money during the purchasing process. Learn more about some of the perks of paying cash for your house in our latest post! There are many great reasons to buy your house directly from a home seller in Detroit. Choosing to work … Continued